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Gabriella has been designing a children’s collection since 2001, and is now planning on one for men. Passionate about decorative arts, she also envisages adapting the richly colored universe of ANTIK BATIK for home décor. Sought after by celebrities and all women looking for authenticity, ANTIK BATIK has become an emblem of a bohemian-chic art of living.

Gabriella has passionately explored this art from all angles. “There are thousands of ways of embroidering a sequin, and so many different shapes and colors. I love the metallic sequins that have acquired a patina. Once they have oxidized, they look like they have been handed down through the centuries.” The finest ANTIK BATIK pieces require several days of work. Each handmade piece is unique.

Far removed from industrial rollers, these materials are hand-printed using carved wooden stamps, or block prints. This thousand-year-old technique demands patience and attention to detail. A multicolor motif is composed of as many prints as colors. By continuing to produce in this manner, ANTIK BATIK allows an ancestral skill to continue and become better known.

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