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Atalanta Weller Stockists

About Atalanta Weller

Atalanta Weller's inspirational take on footwear continues with her second solo collection of statement shoes, AW2010.

Atalanta's unique vision blurs the lines: simultaneously bold and refined, futuristic but classic, both natural and synthetic. Inspired by the CGI superheroes of cult anime series Appleseed, and the concrete illusions of modernist architect Pierre Luigi Nervi. Autumn Winter 2010 sets out to challenge pre-conceptions of shape, texture and femininity - opening eyes to new possibilities.

Atalanta works in East London, out of studio in a creative multi-disciplinary arts complex. This creative cross-pollination is often the creative spark behind Atalanta's extraordinary one-off sculptural pieces. Creations that merge the boundaries between art and fashion and push back the technical of shoe design. This strong artistic and technical impulse is a huge influence on Atalanta's eponymous shoe collection, driving the creation of her exceptional, beautiful and luxurious shoes.

Where to buy Atalanta Weller

Looking for shops that sell Atalanta Weller? Below you will find a list online retailers, discount codes and sales information for stores carrying Atalanta Weller. You can search by location to find stores specifically in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. Looking for stockists of another label? View our designer brand directory.

Atalanta Weller Menswear

Sorry, we currently have no stockists for Atalanta Weller Menswear listed.

Atalanta Weller Womenswear

Sorry, we currently have no stockists for Atalanta Weller Womenswear listed.

Active Atalanta Weller Discount Codes

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Sorry there are currently no active discount codes for Atalanta Weller. View our active discount code directory.

Active Atalanta Weller Sales

Cheap Atalanta Weller is available in the sale at many online stores at up to 70% off! Sales are a great way of finding your must have designer items at a discounted price! You can save big if you shop around and check different online sales on a regular basis.

If you are looking for sales for another brand please use our designer brand directory.

Sorry there are currently no active sales for Atalanta Weller. View our active sales directory.

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