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Cleobella Stockists

About Cleobella

In 2006, when designer Angela O’Brien and her husband, Jim, set out to embark upon a year long journey to countries very much far and away from their home in Southern California, they had no idea what such an excursion would conceive. They only knew that they yearned to enrich their lives beyond the limits of contemporary life in the States. Jim’s love for surfing was the catalyst for this adventure, and they ‘set sail’ to discover more waves around the globe. With their intuitions as their guide, they set out to explore and immerse themselves in diverse cultures, in themselves and in each other. It was in Southeast Asia, on the island of Bali, several months later, where a culture so brightly woven in tradition, simplicity and nature, gave Angela a renewed sense of self discovery. She was able to see her life, less linear, and more dimensional, as if her life were pieces that belonged to something far greater than herself. The sense of community experienced in Bali made the tiniest moment, act or word spoken possess meaning in a different light.

The hand-tooled craftsmanship & the unique designs are embraced by esteemed retailers worldwide. Cleobella continues to uphold a reputation of being impeccable in quality and remarkable in design. Her bags and accessories can be found on the shelves of Barney’s NY, Planet Blue, Calypso, and Anthropologie to name a few…and, more importantly, in the hands of women around the world on the go. Classic, earthy, and yet refreshingly modern for the boho-chic lifestyle that is carefree. This is femininity at its finest!

Angela is dedicated to the process of the craftsmanship and to the support of the local artisans that help bring her sketches to life. And, together with her husband, they expend strident efforts in cultivating positive relationships with people of the villages, and do what they can to impact positively on the wellbeing of these villages. [They also insure that all leathers used in her designs are ISO certified, which are recycled from the food industries, and from companies whose animals were raised organically and free range] Additionally, a percentage of all proceeds go to Care, a leading humanitarian organization that fights global poverty. Care focuses on helping women, specifically, to improve basic education, prevention of disease, expand economic opportunity, and protect natural resources.

Where to buy Cleobella

Looking for shops that sell Cleobella? Below you will find a list online retailers, discount codes and sales information for stores carrying Cleobella. You can search by location to find stores specifically in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. Looking for stockists of another label? View our designer brand directory.

Cleobella Menswear

Sorry, we currently have no stockists for Cleobella Menswear listed.

Active Cleobella Discount Codes

If you are looking to buy cheap Cleobella online, try these active discount codes.

Popular discounts include 10% off, 20% off and free delivery. Some retailers offer special offers for first time purchases or student discounts. If you are looking for discounts for another brand please use our designer brand directory.

Sorry there are currently no active discount codes for Cleobella. View our active discount code directory.

Expired Discount Codes

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Active Cleobella Sales

Cheap Cleobella is available in the sale at many online stores at up to 70% off! Sales are a great way of finding your must have designer items at a discounted price! You can save big if you shop around and check different online sales on a regular basis.

If you are looking for sales for another brand please use our designer brand directory.

  • Sale
    Up to 70% off at ASOS Ends: 19th August 2018 View Sale

Expired Sales

Unfortunately you have missed these sales.

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