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Dedem Stockists

About Dedem

Since DEDEM launched its first collection in 2007 its products have been most successful. It has strengthened an international loyal clientele. For some DEDEM scarves have become a collector's item, even worn by several celebrities. It is a product of luxury.

DEDEM scarves latest collection has a wide range of colours. Especially in the 100% cashmere collection ranging from soft pinks to dark blues. In the cashmere silk collection a marble technique combined with new motives give a different look. DEDEM can now be now the perfect scarf for every occasion at any location. DEDEM products are all handmade and have all been given an individual serial number which makes them an unique product.

DEDEM scarves are luxurious, hand spun, cashmere scarves with hand batik applied. Any differences in colour or irregularities in the weaving are part of the individuality. They are rinsed in spring water and washed with a traditional natural soap; we use water based dyes.

Where to buy Dedem

Looking for shops that sell Dedem? Below you will find a list online retailers, discount codes and sales information for stores carrying Dedem. You can search by location to find stores specifically in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. Looking for stockists of another label? View our designer brand directory.

Dedem Menswear

Sorry, we currently have no stockists for Dedem Menswear listed.

Dedem Womenswear

Sorry, we currently have no stockists for Dedem Womenswear listed.

Active Dedem Discount Codes

If you are looking to buy cheap Dedem online, try these active discount codes.

Popular discounts include 10% off, 20% off and free delivery. Some retailers offer special offers for first time purchases or student discounts. If you are looking for discounts for another brand please use our designer brand directory.

Sorry there are currently no active discount codes for Dedem. View our active discount code directory.

Active Dedem Sales

Cheap Dedem is available in the sale at many online stores at up to 70% off! Sales are a great way of finding your must have designer items at a discounted price! You can save big if you shop around and check different online sales on a regular basis.

If you are looking for sales for another brand please use our designer brand directory.

Sorry there are currently no active sales for Dedem. View our active sales directory.

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