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The trench coat is a fashion history icon. The trench gained prominence in the visual language of popular culture - evolving from its initial purpose as a soldier's protective cloak to become the uniform of film noir anti-heroes and ultimately, a staple of a man or woman's modern wardrobe. A reinterpretation of the trench is the foundation upon which Gryphon was built. We took the iconic coat and played with fit and form, but always with an eye to practicality. The Gryphon trench is a fashion forward, year round, rain or shine item.

Staying true to our origins, we continue to offer outerwear in both practical, weather protective material as well as in novelty fashion fabrics each season. We've since expanded the gryphon world to include what lies beneath the trench. The look of Gryphon is eclectic and irreverent - mixing tough and pretty, hard and soft, tomboy and romantic. Whether it's the sequin lapel giving a masculine car coat a playful twist or a cluster of chains to anchor a delicate sun dress, gryphon's signature is in the unexpected detail.

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