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The Trussardi 1911 line is the brainchild of the brand's creative director, Milan Vukmirovic. Since its debut as a capsule collection in 2008, Trussardi 1911 has steadily expanded its range and scope, season after season. Consummately expressing Trussardi style through their attention to detail, choice of materials and tailoring, and innovative overall vision and image, Trussardi 1911 garments and accessories are available at the world's most prestigious multibrand stores, in addition to the seven Trussardi 1911 boutiques in Milan, Rome, and Portocervo, Italy, and Shanghai, China. Trussardi 1911 is luxury designed for men and women who like top-quality fashions with a look that is strong and subtle, incisive and fresh. The selection of fabrics and materials is unparalleled, characterized by uncompromising quality and peerless expertise that makes every item perfect. Trussardi 1911 products are 100% Made in Italy.

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