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Ann Dexter-Jones
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About Ann Dexter-Jones

The Designer Ann Dexter-Jones is a British-born renaissance woman who resides in New York City's West Village.

Before moving to New York City in the 1980s, Ann lived in London with then-husband Laurence Ronson, with whom she has three children: son Mark Ronson, now a world famous recording artist and Grammy-winning music producer who has worked with such names as Amy Winehouse and Adele, and twin daughters Samantha Ronson, who is a globally-known DJ and recording artist (her new album, Chasing the Reds, is available on iTunes) and soon-to-be published author, and Charlotte Ronson, a fashion designer who has turned herself into a household name with her namesake clothing and accessories line and make-up line (available at Sephora).

The concept for the designer's namesake jewelry line, Ann Dexter-Jones Design, is one that has been in the making for nearly a lifetime. Ann comes from a background deeply rooted in world travel, art and music. Her father, a physician, as well as a concert violinist in his youth, was a man determined to show his daughter the world beyond her, what he saw as bourgeois, life in England. At the age of ten, Ann recalls how her father sat her down, along with her four siblings, and explained that he felt it was his duty to expose his children to the many religious, cultural, social, economic and political landscapes the world had to offer. He put his finger down on a spinning globe and chose the nearest point in the British Commonwealth: Australia. And thus began Ann's lifelong penchant for travel, and subsequently the basis for her inspiration as a jewelry designer.

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