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Since: 1989 Location: London, United Kingdom Founder: Roger Wade
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About Boxfresh

Boxfresh, a very British way of life that spans the last two decades of youth culture.

In 1989 a lot of very culturally significant stuff was going on around the world……

Chinese intellectuals and students protested for months and were then slaughtered for freedom of rights, The Americans were busy voting in the first of the Bush dynasty, Germans were tearing down the Berlin wall by hand…..

In England, teenagers waited eagerly in motorway service stations for directions to fields in the middle of nowhere. Fields of dreams immortalized in the memory of the UK dance scene.

Boxfresh was born out of this…a hedonistic generation evolving through acid jazz, trip hop, drumb and bass into UK garage, grime and dub step.

Trends and people may have come and gone….but our ethos has never changed.

They are the British streetwear originators!

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