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Since: 2005 Location: London, United Kingdom Founder: Hari
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About Grafea

Here at Grafea we love bags. We really do. We love music, vintage shops, blue skies, open sea, the ocean blue. We love camera bags, the perfect shot, capturing the moment.

The story begins when our founder Hari landed in the artistic hub of Manchester, England as an aspiring musician. In her spare time she hunted for vintage accessories and clothing, some thing she had always loved. One of her earliest memories is dressing up with her mothers vintage collection of bags. It was like a treasure hunt and one requires a discerning eye to see the special amid all the junk. Gradually buying and selling vintage items became a full time job in itself. But she found herself wanting something more. To create something special rather than just search for that one thing in the jumbles of all the unwanted. One day she found herself admiring the style, quality and workmanship of a vintage satchel and wondering why they were only in flea markets and charity shops. Was it possible to create a beautiful leather bag, that some one else could appreciate in say 60 or 70 years time? So in 2005 Hari decided to take the plunge and start a leather satchel line herself.

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