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Knowledge Cotton Apparel
Since: 2008 Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Founder: Jørgen Mørup
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Recently Ended Knowledge Cotton Apparel Offers

15% off at Zalando
Expired: January 9, 2024
15% off at Zalando
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15% off at Zalando
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About Knowledge Cotton Apparel

The KnowledgeCotton Apparel brand name and trademark have been carefully designed to communicate their passion for open, honest, respectful and sustainable values. Their focus is the design and production of contemporary men’s fashion apparel that considers quality, history and sustainable principles above all else.

Their design works to combine classic and casual styling with a contemporary feel. They are inspired by their own history and their passion for authentic casual wear with a unique rugged character. Devoted to the perfect fit, the fine detail and the best durable quality, we believe in celebrating a life of leisure, athletic spirit and our connection to nature. They believe what characterizes good design is the ability to create a fresh look and feel while keeping true to our unique brand aesthetic and ensuring consistency in quality and approach from season to season. Most of our garments have been specially treated and washed to give each garment character and to support the appearance of time and history.

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