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Mason Garments
Since: 2012 Location: Italy Founder: Rendi Aditia
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Mason Garments Womenswear

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About Mason Garments

The name "Mason" is deterred in different forms all over the world. Mason is a new footwear and accessories brand founded in 2011. The name is a reference to masonic ideology, meaning being in a circle rich with productive individuals, who may not be in the same field, but all strive to achieve success. A small circle of friends forming a creative collective. We wanted to take "High-price" out of luxury products and go back to making remarkable and stylish design products by using elegant fabrics that are chic and affordable. On the one hand we obviously strive for quality and durability, but on the other, we will give our consumer the same feeling as when they buy a high-end luxury product. Masongarments product can easily be separated from other brands because each shoe or accessory we make are "dead stock", which means that all of our products are released in limited quantity.

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