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Lauren Moshi
Since: 2006 Location: California, United States Founder: Lauren and Michael Moshi
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Lauren Moshi Menswear

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About Lauren Moshi

Based on their love of the finer things in life, brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren have created their own standout clothing company, Lauren Moshi. Michael and Lauren are inspired by high fashion and fine art. Lauren Moshi creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Every mark, every line on every piece is hand drawn by Lauren. Each garment is an original piece of artwork. The clothing is targeted towards customers who appreciate the finer details and intricate designs. They only use the finest fabrics for maximum comfort. Lauren Moshi’s current collection consists of fabulous tanks, tee’s, hoodies, sweat pants and open cardigans, which are adorned with art of everything from camellia’s, rock, helmets, alligators, seahorses, sword hearts, bows, dream, diamond lips, diamonds, peacocks, dream catchers, octopus’s, biker gloves, love potions, netting, fleur de lis, diamond skulls, choppers, and rockers…

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