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Since: 1996 Location: London, United Kingdom Founder: Chris Carden Jones and David Jefferies
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About Addict

Starting life as a menswear label in 1996, Addict has developed a signature style of streetwear that blends classic casual wear with the performance, quality and functionality of high spec outerwear. The brand has over a decade’s worth of heritage in the streetwear genre, its roots run deep in the design, music and board sports communities crossing over both to the underground and mainstream alike since birth.

Collaborative projects have seen co-branded products with the likes of Vans, G-Shock, Microsoft Zune, Activision, Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Disney (Bloc28 and Tron), Endeavor snowboards (Vancouver Canada), and Spy Optic(California, USA) to name a few as well as special projects with famous artists Syd Mead (Visual fururist responsible for the concept art in Blade Runner and Tron 1982) and Milo Manara, one of the worlds greatest comic book artists.

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