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Chie Mihara
Since: 2002 Location: Elda, Spain Founder: Chie Mihara
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About Chie Mihara

Chie's goal in designing footwear is to create styles that are femenine, fun, and truly comfortable. Every Chie Mihara shoes features an anatomical footbed that Chie designed specifically to accommodate a woman's foot. She draws on facets of her multicultural background when creating her collections: Brasil informs the femenine details; Japan influences her design approach; the U.S.A contributes practicality; and Spain is the source for the high quality of construction. Chie wants women to visually and emotionally connect to her shoes, while she takes care of the practical side with careful attention to arquitecture and craftsmanship.

Chie Mihara launched her shoe line in Elda, Spain, in January 2002 in order to offer women something different, footwear designed by woman for women, with a priority placed on design and comfort. "we're mothers, workers-all of us women!" she said, "and we should have shoes that will match our needs. We want to look femenine, beautiful, attractive but without giving up comfort". Drawing on vintage influences ranging from 1930s feminity to 1980s humor, she began taking details from the past and reworking them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion. Her distinctive footwear quickly gained a following devoted to Chie's unique approach to comfort and style.

Eight years later, Chie Mihara has over 800 clients worldwide, including luxury department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus in the U.S.A, Selfridges in England, Isetan in Japan, and Au Bon Marche in France. In 2008, she opened her flagship Chie Mihara store in Tokio.

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