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Naked & Famous
Since: 2008 Location: Canada Founder: Brandon Svarc
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Recently Ended Naked & Famous Offers

25% off at Gravity Pope
Expired: January 20, 2024
30% off at Gravity Pope
Expired: January 28, 2024
12% off at Stuarts London
Expired: February 13, 2024
15% off at Stuarts London
Expired: March 8, 2024

About Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan. The prestigious mills in Japan, from which we import all our fabric, are committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world. Throughout each step in denim production (weaving, dyeing, finishing…) the mills use a combination of old school and modern methods and practices. So much culture and history is poured into the fabric so that it can be appreciated by the denim purist.

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