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Since: 1865 Location: United States Founder: John Batterson Stetson Active Stetson Offers
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Where to buy Stetson

Below you will find a curated list of official Stetson retailers, from trusted designer fashion stores around the world.

Active Stetson Discount Codes

Discover Stetson sales and active discount codes for online stores selling Stetson.

Up to 70% off at Stuarts London Expires: July 31, 2024
Valid on selected items only.

Recently Ended Stetson Offers

15% off at Stuarts London
Expired: March 8, 2024
15% off at Stuarts London
Expired: May 31, 2024
20% off at Urban Excess
Expired: January 29, 2024
15% off at Jules B
Expired: March 12, 2024

About Stetson

In 1965, Stetson marked its 100th anniversary by publishing a booklet called “The Stetson Century”. In it, the company’s then president said this: “...It is, I think, possible to say without too great exaggeration that America grew up under a STETSON. Today our business is so truly world-wide that there can be but few corners of the globe where the name Stetson is not known and honored”. Nearing Stetson’s 150th anniversary, the company is much more than hats and continues to bring product steeped in the authentic American spirit to customers around the world.

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